NAVA+ Group is led by the tenured management team of President Director David Wibowo, Director of Operations Maneha Widarso, and Director of Corporate Affairs Brian Estes.

This formidable trio has a successful track record of more than 50 years combined experience, working with a wide range of multinational and Indonesian brands.


To be the most influential communications company in Indonesia.


In this digital age and channel convergence, we create experiental and engagement work that taps into the consumers’ need to be socially connected, mobile, and always on.

David Wibowo
President Director

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, David went on to become the founder of Advisindo Artistika. He built NAVA+ from the ground up, starting with nine employees to reach over 1000, becoming its President Director in 2009. With his 14 years of experience in a telecommunications company, where he has been a leading proponent of trade marketing services, including retail, his aim is to make NAVA+ the most influential integrated marketing communication network in Indonesia. His extensive brand experience covers a wide range of diversity, which includes the banking industry, the financial sector, telecommunications, leisure & travel, as well as food & beverages.

Maneha Widarso
Director of Operations

Maneha was born and raised in Malaysia, where she graduated from the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. After her graduation, she started working in Indonesia in 1990, where she has since garnered 25 years’ worth of regional and global experience in award-winning creative, corporate and strategic branding communications. With this wealth of experience behind her, she then went on to become Director of Operations at NAVA+ in 2011. Her portfolio of wide-ranging brand experience includes Telecommunications, IT, Banking, the hospitality and leisure industries and Food & Beverages. More specifically, Maneha’s 15 or more years of telco brand experience in Indonesia has included launch and brand building for Indonesia’s leading telco companies.

Brian Estes
Director of Corporate Affairs

Born and raised in the U.S.A. Brian graduated with a Master’s degree in International Journalism from Baylor University. After his graduation, he later moved to Indonesia, where he has since chalked up three decades of working experience. In 1999 Brian co-founded Brainstorm Communications. He was subsequently instrumental in helping to orchestrate the simultaneous merger of Brainstorm Communications, Advisindo Artistika and DDB International to become DDB Indonesia where he served as Managing Director in 2001. In 2009, Brian helped found NAVA+ Group with David and Maneha. Brian’s varied brand experience includes airline services, as well as consumer goods, technology, medical & consumer goods, and the alcohol beverage category.