Oct 2019 | The Perspective

Digital Agency: What To Expect

With the dramatic burgeoning of today’s social media, brand presence on it has morphed from a convenience to a must. This has led brands to invest in Social Media Marketing Agencies to scale up and diversify, expanding their markets and focusing on broadening business horizons. Many brands are finding it more expedient to hire in expert help, rather than entirely tying up their own teams, and Social Media Marketing Agencies take care of that need.

In view of this, opening a Social Media Marketing Agency Jakarta has been rated a sound business venture. So for anyone game to set up their own Social Media Marketing Agency Jakarta in 2020, we have compiled comprehensive guidelines for doing so.
Evaluate your social media expertise and beef up your skills.

Before offering your services, run a check on your skills. Are they sufficiently in line with client demands? What solutions are most in-demand? SEO marketing, content marketing, and comprehensive knowledge of analytical tools are some of the skills currently in demand, and a good place to start. Of course, the more skills you have, the better your credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Build a Portfolio
It is crucial to building a portfolio of services, based on your or your team’s skills and range of expertise, to offer prospective clients. Can you offer one or more solutions? The more solutions you can offer, the better your chances of netting a wider client base. And if you can offer a solution other agencies don’t, so much the better. The portfolio should reflect and clarify the services you wish to offer and shed light on the pricing of the different services and solutions you offer.

Create a Website
Setting up a website is the next step. Today, prospective clients take a website very much for granted, and to be without one would be a serious handicap. Your website should include comprehensive details on the services you offer, you or your team’s skills and expertise, contact details, and information on pricing. Also, your website should feature icons to a variety of social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and others.

Open Social Media Accounts
Social media accounts are, of course, essential for any self-respecting Social Media Marketing Agency as a platform for marketing its services and creativity via social media posts. A B2B ac-count, like Linkedin, is a must, though other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, also offer features to make your presence more highly visible.

Start a Blog
A blog on your website will be a great and very effective way to canvass your expertise in social media marketing. Your blog will be a window on your expertise and credibility as a Social Media Marketing Agency. You can feature a wide range of topics, such as how-to articles, tips, case studies, in-depth client testimonials, as well as coverage of the latest trends. You can also have a ‘call-to-action’ button on your website homepage to lead visitors straight to your blog.

Approach and Pitch
The trick here is where to begin. It is best to start small. Approach small companies first to test the waters.
Coldmailing is one time-tested technique to approach potential clients by, for instance, using Linkedin for your pitch. Post-well-designed messages with detailed information on services, with links to your website.
Free trials are another way to go. These can help enormously by prompting confidence in your services and products.

Work Out a Social Media Strategy
This might consist of the active posting of content on various social media platforms to promote awareness of your services and to establish your expertise.
Use the features on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to create content that will widen your reach to generate engagement. This should be consistent and routined to keep up the engagement and generate fresh leads.

Use Social Media Tools
Social media tools are there to make the job easier. There is a variety of these: Automation tools, photo-editing, and many more, including analytical and social media reporting tools to monitor your performance.

Stay In Tune With Social Media Trends
Awareness of what is trending on social media is crucial to staying on top of your game.