Oct 2019 | The Perspective

Supporting Creative Economy


Interface is a brand activation agency Jakarta that has its finger firmly planted on the current goings-ons of the creative industry. We constantly provide consultancy in the area of Integrated Marketing & Community Communications through the utilization of community marketing & cross-cultural communication to gain optimum results. Our vision is to build channels for earned brands and to achieve impactful touchpoints & the power of communities to influence consumers to brands. Interface focuses on media channel optimisation, strategic communication planning, & brand advocacy.

Despite being a brand activation agency Jakarta with a global outlook and reach, we are still firmly planted in the country of our origin, Indonesia. It is this simple yet powerful fact that drove us to fully embrace the national initiative to boost the creative economy, which is about to become the country's newest economic pillar, based on its steady growth over the last 5 years.

Interface is ready to fully embrace the creative industry by joining forces with BEKRAF, a non-ministerial government body that aims to boost Indonesia’s standing in the world of the creative economy by boosting local communities that support this initiative.

The Creative Economy
In its purest essence, the creative economy is the materialization of added values from an intellectual property born of human creativity, based on science, culture, and technology. Indonesia is experiencing a wave of optimism that has resulted in social and economic change. Entrepreneurial and go-getting, market makers are energized and creating their own opportunities. As peer-power advocates, market markers are companies’ largest disruptors. Markets are in third spaces, be it online, peer-to-peer selling or communities.

The creative economy’s primary resource is creativity, which is the quality to invent and create new ways of thinking as well as unique products that offer real-world solutions to existing problems.

Communities today are technologically organized & professionally managed to become markets characterized by the single common interest; ojek, travel, entrepreneurship or the development of cultural & contemporary arts. The existence of communities are no longer exclusive & closed, now they are open, inclusive and well-knit through communication from within or collaborate amongst communities of different interests or causes. Loyalty in communities continues to be driven by shared values towards the commitment to achieve a common cause and goal.

Majalengka Exotic Sundaland
As part of its Regency & City Infrastructure and IKKON (Innovation and Creativity through Archipelago-wide Collaboration) initiative, Bekraf collaborated with Interface to guide a region/city in Indonesia to be appointed as a centre for the Creative Economy in 2019. This resulted in 4 finalists: Malang, Kutai Kertanegara, Palembang, and Majalengka.

The first city to be chosen was the city and regency of Majalengka in the province of West Java. To create a city branding concept for the city, a three-day workshop was conducted between 20-22 July 2019 that resulted in a comprehensive rebranding of the city. A name was also chosen: Majalengka Exotic Sundaland.

Majalengka Exotic Sundaland represents the spirit of creativity to manage natural and cultural wealth for the prosperity of Majalengka in order to elevate the noble Sundanese civilization as well as maximizing the full potential of the Majalengka region to become a centre for economic growth that is conducive to the development of innovation.
A plethora of inspirations was drawn to highlight Majalengka’s potential, including its friendly people, the city’s creative society, Majalengka’s exotic culture, the region’s abundance of natural attractions, its status as a performing arts hub, Majalengka’s creative villages and recreational destinations, as well as the region’s excellent potential for investment. All of these potentials are aimed to increase the region’s creative economy, the preservation of nature and culture, investment and entrepreneurship opportunities as well as maximizing its touristic potentials.

The workshop and campaign was an outstanding success with a sizeable amount of Majalengka’s communities embracing the initiative with exuberant enthusiasm. While the creative communities exploited the #majalengkaexoticsundaland hashtag in a variety of creative manners and platforms, including the creation of festivals, campaigns and a growing online presence, Karna Sobahi, the head of the Majalengka Regency, has officially given his support to the initiative.

Ultimately, the collaboration highlighted the strengthening of network and relationship between Bekraf, Interface (and by extension NAVA+) and the communities that make this country and our industry what it is. Through city branding, we strengthened our position as a prime brand activation agency Jakarta.