How to Make a Catalog Exciting
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How to Make a Catalog Exciting

IKEA is the unmistakable market leader in furniture retail. Delving into ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, the Swedish multinational company produces a free yet in-depth catalog that acts as the primary tool to showcase their products and services as well as to provide home furnishing inspiration.

As the catalog is often overlooked and under-appreciated in the local market, Pathfinders were tasked with creating and amplifying local awareness to the catalog; namely its availability, function, as well as its role as an effective marketing tool. The end goal is to attract higher traffic to the IKEA store and website. To fulfill this, Pathfinders created a campaign that positioned the IKEA catalog to be more than just a listing of products, yet as a book that told stories and painted pictures. The campaign was centered around the launch of a new catalog where offline and online activations invited customers to create a storytelling video where participants read out the IKEA catalog in a variety of classic literary styles including comedy, drama, horror, and romance.

The campaign utilized every channel: online, offline and on-air, which ended in a successful catalog launch. This resulted in over 800.000 catalogs circulating from a variety of sources, over 6 million views of all online videos, over 500.000 visits (including 50% new visitors) to the IKEA Indonesia website, 5.184 sound clips uploaded to the microsite, a 400% increase on IKEA Indonesia’s YouTube subscribers as well as over 17 million impressions from the digital activation.