Let's Be Friends Again
Integrated Marketing

The Next Trend of a Healthy Lifestyle

FiberCreme is a local custom-made product for consumers looking to avoid dairy in their diets. It is the first multi-purpose creamer that brings disruption to its category; able to replace creamers, dairy milk as well as coconut milk. Its health factor is also a unique selling point as it is high on fiber, low on cholesterol, free of gluten as well as having a low dose of glucose, perfect for the discernible customer wanting a healthy alternative to dairy.

Pathfinders were approached to create the complete brand strategy, packaging design, retail visibility as well as the digital launch campaign. In essence, to launch and raise awareness for a new brand in a market where creamers are generally perceived as being unhealthy and unadaptable. To execute this, Pathfinders created a digital campaign that asked people to have a healthy friendship with their ‘guilty food pleasures’. Kicked off by creating a movie trailer as a teaser, the full campaign was underlined by two full videos that described the relationship between the individuals with ‘unhealthy’ food & beverage items: namely cheesecake and coffee, and how FiberCreme played a vital role in consolidating that relationship.

The campaign was amplified through social media, digital channels, public relations, recipe videos, and on-ground acti-vations, with #LetsBeFriendsAgain forming the main call-to-action of the campaign. It resulted in FiberCreme being the number one suggestion when you Google “krimer Indonesia”, over Rp. 9 billion in earned media, receiving numerous articles in foreign publications, as well as achieving a higher number of social media fans than the Indonesia creamer industry standard.