Bear Brand
Digital Marketing

Readjusting Bear Brand's Relevancy Amongst Younger Consumers.

Bear Brand is a sterilized dairy drink brand first introduced in 1976 and is now available in most areas of Southeast Asia. Owned by Nestlé, a Swiss transnational food & drink company that has become the largest food company in the world, the brand has quickly gained a reputation amongst local consumers for being a healthy alternative to other sterilized milk brands, while gaining a perception of providing certain health benefits for consumers.

Within the local market, Nestlé aimed to increase awareness and usage amongst younger Indonesians as the product was in danger of being exclusively associated with the older generation. In order to achieve this, Iris was tasked with creating a campaign that repositioned Bear Brand as a product consumed to help elevate the consumer’s physical well-being, particularly amongst young Indonesians. The goal was to create digital word-of-mouth despite the fact Bear Brand not owning its own social media channels. To circumvent this, Iris concentrated on creating a digital campaign that used over 2000 influencers, as well as creating a dedicated microsite. More specifically, three key influencers were asked to create three videos that were centred around the #pantangngedrop hashtag, effectively a rallying call for consumers to maintain their physical wellbeing after a long and hard day of activities.

Anchoring on the KOL videos, the #PantangNgedrop challenge was applied on social media channels and resulted in over 2300 submissions, with over 58.000 interactions on Instagram and Twitter, and over 60.000 visits to the dedicated microsite.