Feel Good Campaign
Matahari Department Store
Integrated Marketing

Stealing Momentums to Feel Good

Matahari is a pioneering local department store and retail brand founded in Jakarta in 1958. Since its establishment, Matahari has grown to be one of the nation’s leading department stores with more than 150 outlets in over 70 cities, boasting a workforce of over 450.000 employees throughout the archipelago.

Despite its historical success, the influx of newer local and international department stores flooding the market has made Matahari Department Store lag behind the times. More specifically, the company feels that it lacks a certain emotional connection with its customers. Pathfinders were tasked with reestablishing this relationship by repositioning the brand as a ‘feel good’ place to shop: reminding customers that shopping with others is more meaningful and in turn, makes you feel good. To achieve this, two TVCs were created to reinforce this message. The commercials revolved around two tales of families celebrating Chinese New Year and Lebaran in a spirit of tolerance and diversity, with the main message being that ‘why they shop’ is more meaningful than ‘what they buy’.

The campaign earned more than 20 million views across social media platforms (2.1 million on Facebook and 18 million YouTube hits) as well as triggering thousands of online conversations, ultimately bringing Indonesians closer together